An Unspectacular Communion of Bees


Has nestled in my head

Danced along these jagged nerves

“the honey is over here” they signal

“just follow the dance’s rhythm

And claim the reward”

But reward isn’t what I want to find

The flight of my wind-lifted wings

Doesn’t lead me to honey.


I take your wrinkled hand in mine

And feel our blood buzzing

One beat on top of the other.

We are flying toward the lost horizon

Of our conjoined sweet dreams

Rehearsed and nurtured destinations

Reflect in our compound eyes.


They dance around our honeycombed hearts

They buzz and spit and sting

Startle and sleep and sing

Work with no destiny in mind

Except continuance and flight.

The going on is everything there is tonight.


Our hive life is unrewarding

The pain in our joints annoying

And the destinations are shifting

Beyond a single dance or rhythm

Past a single place to go

Beside us all the things we know.


Our journey isn’t done my dear

Although the course uncertain

Leads us back to everywhere

We’ve been, we’ve seen, we’ve done.

We need to dance like bees

Until the journey’s won and

We taste the sweetness on our tongue.