There is something in her eyes that I have never seen

Yet recognize like a warm memory unfolding  

But I must get the eyes right, the right amount

Of depth and transparency with a touch of amber

And anguish.


The nose is not regally set at a roman angle

But a soft rectangle that fits snugly on her face

In just the right place between those eyes

And the mouth I have just begun to explore

And adore.


It should curve upward and downward too

A brushstroke toward boredom or secret sorrow

And a part of those pouting lips just slightly

Insinuating her mischievous bent into

the view.


The strength of the chin is prominent

Not dominant but unbending almost like

A blending of confidence and arrogance

That keeps the other features of her face

In place.


Yet if I don’t capture her eyes perfection

The whole direction of the piece would suffer

From that lack and I’d be just another hack

That loved her through charcoal or pastel

As well.