Lost on the Beach



I thought of a red afternoon

And walking a whistling way

Along a thoughtless shore, or

Under a languid sun

On my lazy back

Without a thing to do


The warmth outside my skin

melts away morning’s mischief

girding me for a broken night

Under a hunter’s moon

On my silken sheets

Without the pulse of you



I had to blink the brightness back

To clear my haggard thoughts away

And rescue sleep from endless tracks

Of roads that take me every way

But back to you


My calendar is cursed of course

You’re penciled in each empty space

I walk along the sand and force

Another time, another pace

To lead me on


I will lend my time to me today

Carefully craft the day’s conventions

To accomplish something simple anyway 

And be pauper to the rich intentions

In my head



No room for reckless reminiscence

Of a yellow dress with flowers

I’d steal you back and hold you dear

For a few vermillion hours

If I could.


Instead I drag my life in sand

And trace all memories to you

And ponder how the moving hand

Of time makes fools of lovers too

As it should.